The for-profit and non-profit worlds are on a collision course. Already the lines are beginning to blur as new fields like impact investing, social enterprise, and blended finance emerge. This podcast is a conversation with changemakers from all walks of life using for-profit principles in surprising and creative ways to drive social impact.

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Stephen Huddart of McConnell Foundation joins us for today’s episode. Stephen is President & CEO of McConnell Foundation; Canada’s second oldest private foundation which is responsible for roughly $650 million in assets. The foundation focuses on impacting a broad range of issues such as Indigenous reconciliation, the changing nature of work, food security, and mental health. McConnell Foundation is one of Canada’s most sophisticated impact investors and is systematically transitioning its existing investments to impact investments. In this episode, we discuss the foundation's work beyond traditional grants and the creative ways it uses all its resources as a force for good. We also discuss the recently announced $800 million commitment by the Canadian government to establish Canada’s first Social Finance Fund. 

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Tim Nash of Good Investing joins us for today’s episode. Tim is Founder at Good Investing; a fee-only service helping Canadians invest their own money online in a sustainable manner.  Tim is also a blogger who runs The Sustainable Economist. In this episode, we discuss how Tim coaches clients to take control of their investments and align them with their values. During the course of the conversation, we discuss some fascinating topics such as whether you need to sacrifice performance to make socially responsible investments, Universal Basic Income, and the environmental and social impacts of lab-grown meat. 

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Tal Dehtiar of Oliberté joins us for today’s episode. Tal is President and Founder of Oliberté; a sustainable fair trade footwear brand supporting workers' rights in sub-Saharan Africa. Oliberté is a Certified B Corporation, is committed to 1% For the Planet, and owns the world’s first Fair Trade Certified shoe factory. In this episode, we discuss Tal’s winding path to launch Oliberté, how a shoe manufacturer can contribute towards SDGs, what it means that Oliberté is the world’s fist Fair-Trade Certified footwear company, and how its model differs from footwear sensation Tom’s.

You can find Oliberté at www.oliberte.com and you can follow Tal on Twitter or LinkedIn.

In this episode, David is joined by Mike Winterfield. Mike is Founder and CEO of Active Impact Investments; an impact investment fund that invests in early stage, for-profit, businesses looking to make an environmental or social impact. We discuss the exciting journey Mike is on as he is quickly approaching his goal to raise and invest $10 million for the firm’s first impact fund. And Mike tells us about the fund’s first two investments: GoJava (which provides coffee for offices where they recycle all the coffee pods) and Keela (which provides software solutions that drive efficiencies for small and medium size non-profits).

You can Mike on Twitter or LinkedIn.

In this episode, David is joined by Nadine Pequeneza. Nadine is an award-winning Director, Writer, and Producer best known for her social issue films offering unique access to character-driven stories. She is also the owner of HitPlay Productions. Nadine's most recent film, Invisible Heart, is the world's first documentary about Social Impact Bonds (SIBs). The film paints both a picture of hope around the potential for using market-based approaches to solving social problems but also challenges us to consider the unintended consequences that may result. During the episode, we discuss both the promise and pitfalls of social impact bonds, the reactions Nadine has received to the film thus far, and what the future may hold for this novel new instrument.

The Invisible Heart Documentary will be broadcast on TVO January 22, 2019 at 9pm. Don't miss it!

Hitplay Productions can be found at www.hitplayproductions.ca You can follow Nadine on Twitter or LinkedIn.

In this episode, David is joined by Jonathan Hera, Founder and Managing Partner of Marigold Capital. Marigold is an early stage private market investor. In other words, a venture capital firm. But Marigold has a radically new investment model that seeks social outcomes as much as financial outcomes. Jonathan discusses how his early childhood experiences shape his work to this day, recounts some of his impressive array of experiences pioneering the impact investment landscape in Canada, and talks about Marigold’s Moneyball approach to venture capital investing.

Marigold Capital can be found at www.marigold-capital.com. You can follow Jonathan Hera on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Alexa Blain is COO at Deetken Impact; an impact investment firm based in Vancouver BC. During our chat Alexa discusses how the firm searches for investment opportunities in Latin America that impact communities in any number of ways, including: promoting women entrepreneurship, providing credit to micro and small businesses, promoting access to clean energy, affordable housing and/or health care. We also talk about the barriers to scaling impact investing in Canada, the risks of impact investing, and what other impact investments Alexa likes right now.

Deetken Impact can be found at www.deetkenimpact.com. You can follow Alexa Blain on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Phillip Haid discusses how his firm Public Inc. works with some of the world's largest brands to catalyze their positive impact on the world. In our chat, Phil discusses the evolution of Public, how and why purpose and profit not only mix but are inseparable, and how the world's largest companies are beginning to infuse their brands with purpose. We also discuss Nike's highly polarizing Colin Kaepernick ad.

Public can be found at www.publicinc.com. Or you can follow Phil on Twitter or Linkedin.

Bill Young is one of the founding fathers of impact investing. He is Founder and Partner of a non-profit called Social Capital Partners which pursues high-risk creative solutions that tackle big real-world social problems.

In this episode, Bill recounts his previous career feeling like a marionette to 28 year old, red-suspender wearing investment bankers, the early days getting Social Capital Partners off the ground, how three big failures forced him to pivot several times, and the biggest social challenges he's most excited about working on right now.This is a longer episode but it's worth listening to every minute!

Show Notes:

- Social Capital Partners website

- Social enterprises discussed in the podcast that Bill and Social Capital Partners helped launch:

        - Atira Property Management - Employs women  who are victims of violence

        - Inner City Renovations - Employs urban aboriginal persons

        - Turnaround Couriers - Employs at-risk youth

        - Renaissance (Montreal) - Hires directly from provincial social assistance programs

A brief introduction to what this podcast is all about. We're in production now and will go live with the first episodes in September 2018.

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